New Location Coming!!

We will soon open a new location in Statesboro!!

"Your Medical Home"

The energy of the practice is focused on creating positive, therapeutic and lasting physician-patient relationships.  Our goal is to enhance physician and patient satisfaction with the care delivered.  All of your medical information is located in one place and coordination of care begins here.  Excellent medical care, personalized attention, and use of advanced technologies are the reasons most often given by our patients for choosing Medfusion Family Practice.

We use innovative technologies including electronic medical records, computerized access to medical information, this interactive website as well as advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.  Our Ellman ® radiofrequency and Cutera ® laser/IPL units are at the cutting edge.  The medical care is based on the best scientific literature and medical guidelines available.  We look to engage each person as an active participant in their own health through collaboration and shared decision-making.  Our vision is to create a model family medicine practice that achieves breakthrough results in effective care, patient safety and satisfaction.  We thank you for the privilege to earn your trust

All the doctors are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive medical care for you and your family.  He is a board certified family physician with broad training and over 20 years of experience providing and teaching Family Medicine. We enjoy all aspects of medical practice including Cosmetic medicine, minor surgical procedures and providing longitudinal health care for generations of patients.

What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is the medical specialty which provides continuing, comprehensive health care for the individual and family. It is a specialty in breadth that integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, both sexes, each organ system and every disease entity.

For more information, go to the American Academy of Family Physicians .