Online Self-Service Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call 912-333-7000 .
Alternatively, you can request an appointment through this website by going to Appointment Requests.

How do I request an appointment through the website?

If you have already created a user ID and password (see Create an Account link above) you can request an appointment on this website and someone will contact you either by phone or email with an appointment time convenient for you.  THIS FEATURE IS FOR NON-EMERGENCY AND NON-URGENT CARE!  If you are having an urgent medical problem, call 911.

How are prescription refills handled?

We generally would prefer you to refill your prescriptions at the time of your doctor's visit.  Please bring a list or a bag containing ALL the medications you are currently taking with you to your doctor's visit. 

If you need refills either before, after, or in-between visits you can use our on-line Prescription Renewal link above (preferred) or call our office. Please allow ample time to process your request.

Starting January 1st 2007 there will be a minimal prescription renewal processing fee for all on-line and telephone prescription renewals.

How do I request a Prescription Renewal through the website?

Please use our on-line Prescription Renewal link. You will be prompted to enter in your patient user ID and password, and then you can proceed to request your prescription refill.

How do I get a user ID & password for the website?

To register as a user on our secure website, please go to Create an Account under Online Patient Features above, and fill in the required information.  Once you have created a user ID and password you can access any of our secure features.

What is "My Patient Page"?

The My Patient Page is your personal inbox.

Once you create a user ID and password, you can access your inbox to securely communicate with the practice for the following: Access forms, Request appointments, Request prescription renewals, Ask your doctor a question, Virtual Office Visits, Pay your bill online, etc.

This inbox is also where you will be directed to login when the office responds to your requests.

What is a "Virtual Office Visit" (VOV)?

A Virtual Office Visit is a medical consultation, provided online to you by Medfusion Family Practices using secure technology.

You complete a thorough patient history form focused on your symptoms, which one of our health care providers will review before choosing a treatment plan.  The health care provider from our office will securely communicate directions on your treatment plan.

How do I qualify for a VOV?

If you are a registered patient of our practice and have created a user ID and password, you will be able to access this feature.

What conditions can be treated with a VOV?

Minor complaints that are not life threatening can be evaluated by the symptom assessment screening done in conjunction with the Virtual Office Visit and if deemed treatable without an office visit then treatment can be rendered within a 24 hour period.  If the condition is not treatable virtually, you will receive instruction to make an appointment and will not be charged for a Virtual Office Visit.

Emergencies cannot be treated with a Virtual Office Visit.  Please call 911 and/or our on call provider at (912) 333-7000.

How much is a VOV and how am I charged?

The cost of a Virtual Office Visit is $65.00 and will be billed to your credit card if you are treated by Virtual Office Visit.  Please note that most insurance companies do not yet reimburse for Virtual Office Visits.

What is "Ask a Doctor" used for?

"Ask a Doctor" is an unstructured online consultation initiated by the patient. This allows  patients to submit a secure message to their provider, and allows the provider to respond to the patient.

How does "Ask a Doctor" differ from a VOV?

"Ask a Doctor" is simply a secure communicator tool between the patient and the provider. A VOV allows the patient to complete a symptom assessment, and in turn, the provider has the option to provide advice and prescribe a medication for the patient, just like a regular office visit.